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Marriage Preparation / Premarital Counseling Seminar - Class for Engaged Couples and Newlyweds (and for couples deciding whether to become engaged) – Start Your Marriage on the Right Path


Start your marriage on the right path

Give yourselves the best wedding present you’ll ever get by attending Marriage Success Training.  A quality marriage prep / premartial counseling program like MST is the single most important investment you can make in the long-term success of your relationship according to the latest marriage research. (It's also perfect for those couples trying to decide whether marriage is right for them. Deciding whether to get or stay engaged? Click here.)


Every couple hopes that they'll live happily ever after. Only one in four actually will. What makes the difference? Is it love? Is it luck? Did you know that most affairs and divorces occur during the years just after the wedding? That living together before the wedding does not increase marriage success? That marriage satisfaction can plummet when children are born. Without the kind of preparation provided by MST, the transition from the romance of the wedding to married life can be much more challenging than most couples expect.


Marriage preparation programs that teach specific skills cut the divorce rate by more than thirty percent. Not all marriage prep is the same, though. Premarital counseling usually is not sufficiently comprehensive. It won't teach you practical strategies to keep your romance vital over the years. Most couples wait until their relationship is stressed before addressing these issues. Proactive, intentional preparation is much less costly and so much more effective. Planning a wonderful wedding is great, but investing just a little in the success of your marriage is at least as important.


Let MST help you build a resilient marriage right from the start.  You’ll learn to enhance your strengths, build skills, deepen your intimacy and plan long-term strategies to address challenges.  You’ll experience the benefits of the MST approach immediately during the seminar and more importantly, you’ll be planting the seeds for future growth.


What is MST?

• A small, one-day, religion-neutral seminar, designed to help couples achieve their marriage goals (and to help those couples trying to decide whether marriage is right for them).
• Designed by a married couple who are both experienced counseling professionals. All seminars are led by one of us.
• Based on the latest scientific marriage research.
• Strengthen your communication, conflict resolution and other relationship skills.
• A practical, fun, low-pressure experience.
• Active learning - not a lecture format. 
• Learn to manage compatibility issues constructively.

• Validates the relationship styles & needs of both genders.
• More comprehensive than most other premarital classes or counseling options.

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More appropriate for most couples than premarital counseling

Concerned about privacy? Click to learn how a group seminar can still be very private.
• A
more comprehensive, structured but flexible approach to marriage success skills and strategies.
• A
n educational setting where you’ll feel less "on the spot," more inspired and your relationship issues won’t seem like "problems.”
• Many couples discover that the relationship issues that worried them are very normal and are shared by many other couples.
• More intensive experience that produces a 'high' of excitement; complete in one weekend.
• Covers all the basic marriage prep, so you get an accelerated start in any relationship counseling you want to pursue afterward. Most couples, though, discover that it's not couples counseling that they need: What they need are the strategies and tools to manage the normal challenges that all couples encounter in their relationships and marriages.

What you’ll learn

Click on topics to learn more about our approach:

Marriage Success & Challenge Factors
Relationship Inventory & Guided Review
Bonding & Intimacy Styles & Strategies
Communication & Conflict Resolution
Family of Origin & In-Laws
First-Year (and Beyond) Marriage Expectations: Post-honeymoon, normal stages of marriage, psychological shifts, children, finances, work and careers, religious and cultural compatibility, friends and social life...
• Friendship & Commitment
• Optional Special Topics can include becoming parents: financial issues; balancing family & work; interfaith, intercultural & interracial marriages; remarriage & stepfamilies

These topics are covered by:

• Structured private couples discussions, exercises, goal-setting, etc. A substantial part of the seminar is spent confidentially interacting with your partner.
• Guided topic discussions during which we present marriage success factors and research.
• Demonstrations of communication, conflict resolution and other marriage styles, strategies, tools and situations.
• Your personal MST workbook which also includes post-seminar resources and guidance.

Better than other premarital classes

• Not a packaged, one-size-fits-all system like most programs (although we'll teach you about these systems).
• The small seminar size (7 couple limit) means that you'll have more individual attention and guidance.
• You'll learn about success strategy options to choose among and about common problem patterns to avoid.
• You and your partner will make choices yourself about how you define marriage success and about what tools for communication and conflict resolution suit you best.
• You'll be guided in your choices by your relationship inventory review and by understanding how different success strategies fit with different styles.

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The window of opportunity for effective marriage education

Six to 12 months before the wedding is the ideal time. Earlier can be better because your MST skills will help keep you close and bring you closer during the stressful run up to the wedding. Research shows that newlyweds can benefit 6 months or more after the wedding, while patterns are still fluid.

Make the choice to start your marriage on the path to long-term success.  Love alone is definitely not enough to ensure a wonderful marriage.  Everyone knows that successful marriages require commitment and work.  Even these are not enough to guarantee the marriage you want.  Be one of the smart couples who enhance their marriage with MST.

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   June 4, 2022, Saturday

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   New York City NY / NJ CT

   October 15, 2022, Saturday

   8:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.

   $495 per couple

   $475 early registration

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Patricia Schell Kuhlman & Gregory Kuhlman MST Seminar Leaders

Patricia Schell Kuhlman, LCSW

& Gregory Kuhlman, PhD

MST Seminar Leaders



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"...Easy to relate to and highly effective…. Exactly what I was looking for…. A must."


"The most important thing you can do before marriage. Such a positive experience. I thought I would already know most things--but I had so many revelations during the day."


"...Find a comprehensive program like this one -- it's worth it. We knew we had already built a strong relationship but we were amazed to see how much more there was to consider for the future."


"Nice soft approach. I liked the 'guys only' time.… Enjoyed your insights and honesty…"


"We both had a few 'aha!' moments that I think will be very valuable to our relationship. [My partner] was skeptical beforehand about how much it would help us (and how much help we needed) but he really appreciated the class. I left feeling even more excited and confident about our marriage."


"...Very cool, and very frank...the whole tone was hipper.... Plus, they weren’t afraid to share anecdotes from their own marriage.... A very solid course, packed full of good information."



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