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What Most Couples Need Before (or instead of) Couples Counseling or Therapy



By popular demand, we're offering an MST Marriage Renewal & Rescue seminar a couple of time a year in New York City - dates to be announced. (Please note that if you are in the first few years of your marriage and in a relatively positive phase, we may permit you to attend our regular MST seminar for newlyweds as your relationship dynamics may be similar and a good fit for this seminar. Submit form below, write or call for information.) Click here to submit a sign-up form to be notified about locations and dates.

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Marriage or couples counseling or therapy, while helpful in its own way, usually doesn't provide the same kind of intensive and comprehensive skill-building as marriage education. (Just as marriage education doesn't provide the more extensive exploration of individual problems and underlying issues that longer-term counseling can.) Skill-building and education are the key factors in long-term divorce prevention and marriage success. Today's marriages need all the help they can get.


When married couples run into normal compatibility and conflict issues they often turn to couples counseling or therapy to find help. Couples don't realize that the challenges they are running up against are a normal part of relationship development. In many cases, what these couples really need (at least for a start) is a quality, skill-based, marriage education experience.


Concerned about privacy? Click to learn how a group seminar can still be very private.


Some couples do decide to do both marriage education and marriage or couples counseling. Many couples who are considering private counseling find that MST is a very helpful preliminary or adjunct approach. They can quickly cover all the general issues, develop skills and get an overview of their relationship profile in the seminar. Many couples discover that MST gives them what they need to advance their relationship.


We encourage couples to complete group marriage education first because it is the most effective means of providing comprehensive coverage of marriage success issues and strategies. Couples who still feel that they need more can then use this foundation to address more specific or problem issues in their counseling. MST starts their counseling on a fast track.


MST Marriage Renewal & Rescue is often more appropriate for many couples than marriage counseling. Here are some of the advantages:


• A more comprehensive, structured, but flexible, approach to marriage success skills and strategies.
• A
n educational seminar setting where you’ll feel less "on the spot," more inspired and your relationship issues won’t seem like "problems.”
• Many couples discover that the relationship issues that worried them are very normal and are shared by many other couples.
• More intensive experience that produces a 'high' of excitement; complete in one weekend.
• Covers all the basic marriage
education, so you get an accelerated start in any counseling you want to pursue afterward.

• Most couples, though, discover that it's not couples counseling that they need: What they need are the strategies and tools to manage the normal challenges that all couples encounter in their relationships and marriages.


At a Marriage Success Training seminar you'll learn the skills you need to manage your compatibility issues, communicate more effectively and resolve conflicts in a healthy way that will dramatically increase your intimacy. You'll learn how to protect your relationship, including your sex life, from being undermined by the normal issues and stresses that eventually surface in any relationship.


Not all marriage education is the same. While the benefits of marriage education are beginning to become more widely known, most couples don’t yet understand that a program like Marriage Success Training focuses on specific factors that research has shown will boost a couple’s ability to succeed in today's demanding marriages. Research shows that couples who have skill-based marriage education are much happier and more successful in the long run.


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